History Of Electric Skateboards by Expert Riders Team

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Jim Rugroden from Berkeley, California, created the very first MotoBoard, working out of his brother’s garage in Campbell, California, in 1975. Here we discuss the complete history of electric skateboards.


MotoBoard manufactured the first mass-produced motorized skateboards in 1975. They used two-stroke motors which required gasoline to get them going. Urethane or “Stoker” wheels came into being in 1973 and were quickly sought after due to the smooth and quiet rides they gave.

It was Jim Rugroden from Berkeley, California, who created the very first Motorized skateboard, working out of his brother’s garage in Campbell, California, in 1975

The MotoBoard, which was gasoline-poweredAfter two years, was banned in California in 1997 due to noise and pollution.

Modern electric devices

best electric skateboards

Louie Finkle of Seal Beach, California, is often cited as an inventor of the modern electric skateboard, offering his first wireless electric skateboard in 1997 and a patent filed in April 1999; however, it was not until 2004–2006 that electric motors and batteries were available with sufficient torque and efficiency to power boards effectively.

In 2012, ZBoard raised nearly 30 times their target for a balance-controlled electric skateboard on Kickstarter, well received at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2013. Their 2015 campaign on Indiegogo was 86 times oversubscribed, raising $1 million.

In the 2000s

Electric skateboards were popular in the 2000s. When people were starting to notice the popularity of e-skateboarding kids, it was not that electric skateboarding was new. Still, technology changed quite a lot over the years that they have been around.

Types of Electric Skateboards

There are two types:

1] Longboard: It is best for travelers and used by freestylers.

2] Cruisers: It is best for cruising short distances, like local transport, and not used as a freestyle.

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