Professional & Expert Skateboard Riders Of Time (Basic Tips & Tricks)

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We discuss the Top Professional & Expert Skateboarders of their time. Skateboarding is a sport that originated in California by surfers who wanted to do something when the ocean waves were flat. Over the years, skateboarding has had its rise and fall. Here is a list of top skateboarders who were pretty much the pioneers in their sport.

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Top 7 Professional & Expert Skateboard Riders

Shane O’Neillbest electric skateboards

He is currently one of the best skateboard riders globally despite not being from California. This skateboarder was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is known by the nickname “nugget.” The success of this skateboard rider was the fact that he is so good at the sport despite not being from California, which is the heart of skateboarding. His combination of tricks is so flawless that it feels like a video game. He is a regular at the biggest skateboarding competitions such as X Games, Street League, and Dew Tour. With his best skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport, He is possibly the only male skateboarder not from the US with a high chance of a medal.

Tony Alvabest electric skateboards

He may not be the inventor of skateboarding, but he was a pioneer in trick skating. He was born and raised in Dogtown, California. He first started skateboarding when the waves were flat for surfing. His trademark attitude and raw talent earned him a place in skateboarding quickly. He was also part of the famous Z-Boys skate crew. He was the person who made skateboarding from a pre-teen hobby to the sport it is known today. His fame rose in the 1970s when he became recognized as the best skateboarder globally. But with the fame came drug and alcohol problems. Still, having celebrated his 60th birthday in 2017. He is still skating boards when he has the chance and is still a respected figure. But he loved the electric skateboards this time because he made fun of electric skateboarding. Now, he says that we try the e-skates and e-boards for easy enjoying the riding.

Jay Adamsbest electric skateboards

He was the original bad boy of skateboarding, having grown in the surf. He was also from Dogtown, California. Adams became the youngest member of the Z-Boys in 1974 at just 13. He had such raw talent that Tony Alva would quote, “Some kids are born and raised on graham crackers and milk; he was born and raised on surfing and skateboarding.” He stood out for his flawless style, which showed his talent as a surfer. His fame rose with the popularity of skateboarding. But like every celebrity, it came with its problems. Drug addiction, followed by prison visits and a conviction, caused him many problems. He died of a heart attack on 15th August in Mexico, where he was surfing with his friends. Despite his past, the skateboarding world honored the most influential skateboarder.

Rodney Mullenbest electric skateboards

Inventor of the Ollie’, this skateboarder was probably the most influential. Growing up, he was surrounded by farmland where places to skate were limited. Not influenced by other skateboarders, he invented his style and his tricks. Local competition led to his discovery, so he was picked by Bones Brigade, which featured the famous Tony Hawk. His unique trick “kickflip” remains a staple of freestyle skateboarding. He also invented the heelflip, 360 flip, and countless other variations. He is considered one of the most critical figures in skating development.

Paul Rodriguez

Being one of the top 5, Paul is one of the most recognizable figures in modern-day skateboarding. His success at X Games, Street League, The Berrics, and just about every competition he has entered throughout his career. They have an incredible smooth style and board control which rarely lets him fall. He is also one of the first to sign with NikeSB, a club reserved for elite mainstream sports loyalty, such as Lebron James. He started his own skateboard company Primitive which was his success. Now he is the lover of the best off-road electric skateboards cruising in the town where he lives to famous in e-skateboarding.

Leticia Bufonibest electric skateboards

Most famous for playing football to then going into skateboarding. This skateboarder was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She grew up playing football like most Brazilians. Her ability to control the ball was a big helper in managing the skateboard. Bufoni is a regular at competitions with six X Game medals and many Dew Tours in her name. She finished 1st in the street league in the year 2015. She is not the most stylish of the players, but she is known for her determination and her grit to be willing to try tricks that people stray away from. She is also a fitness athlete, having posed naked for the ESPN Body Issue in 2015, which attracted unwarranted attention and negativity.

Rob Dyrdekbest electric skateboards

He is one of the most famous skateboarders on the planet thanks to his reality show Fantasy Factory. His professional skating career started at the age of 12 when he got sponsored. In 1990, the team Alien Workshop was founded and Dyrdek was one of the first to sign up. Later he ended up owning Alien Workshop which proved to be an excellent business venture. He is the founder of the most popular skateboarding competition Street League. Of course, his fame mostly came from his reality show Fantasy Factory which enjoyed the mainstream success that made him one of the most famous skateboarders on the planet.

Tony Hawk best electric skateboards

It is impossible to imagine skateboarding without a famous name. He has a lot of things to his name because of the exposure he had to the public media. He is famous for everything related to skateboarding. If you ask 10 people about skateboarding, you will probably end up with 9 talking about Tony Hawk. His fame first came when he became part of the famous crew Bones Brigade. When skateboarding started to grow in popularity again, he made headlines by landing the first 900. A trick in which he spins two and a half times on the board. This made him the star of the camera. He has had several games made in his name along with his regular TV work, occasional movie roles kept him in the public eye and he continues to be the most famous skateboarder on the planet.

These are the best and most famous skateboarders of their time which is a great role for girls with boys. This information is originally developed by the Expert Riders Team.


In conclusion, professionals and experts in skateboarding have an important role in the field of sports. He performs different techniques for skateboarding and tells us the easy tips and tricks to crave like pros.

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