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Looking for a powerful electric skateboard? Look no further than the CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboard. This board is fitted with a 900W dual hub motor that can take you up to speeds of 20 mph. The 36V 5000mAH long-range battery will keep you cruising for up to 15 miles, and the 330 lbs max load ensures that this board can handle anything you throw at it. The CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboard also comes with a multifunctional remote control, so you can easily adjust your speed and braking while on the go. Order your CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboard today and experience the power of electric skateboarding!



We’re a California-based company with an international reach. When you buy from us, not only will your new electric skateboard or scooter be high quality and reliable but it’ll also come at great prices!

CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboards

caroma electric skateboards

Caroma is a premium brand of electric skateboards. We focus on creating the highest quality, safest, and most powerful e-board for our customers: No doubt, these skateboards are unique. We recommend these excellent longboards to beginners as well as advanced skaters! They’re perfect whether you want an easy ride or something more challenging; they’ll be able to take your needs anywhere with ease thanks to their wide variety of terrains suited to all kinds of roads (even Off-Road!). With exceptional durability that endures rough conditions like hillsides & deep pools without sacrificing speed – No matter what kind yourselves experience you’re looking for, we guarantee our boards will provide it! 


Brand Caroma
Deck Width 38″
Wheel Diameter 90mm (PU)
Item Weight 7kg / 26.4lbs
Max Speed 25mph
Max Range 16 miles / 24km
Motor 2 x 900W Hub Motors
Battery 36V 5Ah Lithium-Ion
Climbing Grade Up to 20%
Brake Regenerative
Remote Multifunctional 2.4Ghz
Charger Time 2-3 Hours
Shipping Weight 8.5kg / 18lbs:

Powerful Motors

CAROMA 38 Powerful Motors

The electric skateboard is a perfect model of transportation for those who want to go fast and not get tired. With 3 different speed modes, you can choose what works best with your needs!

Climb Slopes Easily

CAROMA 38 Climb Slopes Easily

The powerful two-motor wheel drive design is perfect for scaling hills and valleys alike. With enough torque to climb 20-degree slopes, this vehicle will not let you down when it comes time to conquer new terrain!

Upgraded Appearance

CAROMA 38 Upgraded Appearance

The 38-inch longboard can comfortably accommodate most riders and is perfect for those who want to cruise around town or hit the skateparks. It has a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs so you don’t need to worry about breaking it!

Performance Lithium Battery

The 36V 5000mAh Lithium-Ion battery means you can ride up to 16 miles per charge! It takes 3 hours for a full recharge, but we’re sure that will be plenty of time before your next adventure is upon us.

2.4Ghz Wireless Remote

CAROMA 38 2.4Ghz Wireless Remote

The remote control of this skateboard makes it easier to navigate and drive. It has 3 LED lights that let you know when your board is on, broken or if there’s Something wrong with the signal from its transmitter (which could happen). This means no more worries about getting lost while out exploring!

High Quality PU Wheels

CAROMA 38 High Quality PU Wheels

The durable and shock-absorbing dia.9cm PU wheels will give you a better riding experience no matter how fast or challenging the situation may be, as it can keep sufficient stability in high speeds without losing balance!

Easy To Use & Control

CAROMA 38 Easy To Use & Control

The CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboard is extremely easy to use and control. The multifunctional remote control makes it a breeze to adjust your speed and braking while on the go. Best of luck with your new skateboard!


The CAROMA Team.

  1. Turn on the skateboard switch
  2. Turn on the remote control switch
  3. The indicator light flashes synchronously

Enjoy Your Holiday (With your Pets, Kids & Friends)

CAROMA 38" Enjoy Your Holiday

We want to make sure you get the most out of your Electric Skateboard, so we’ve included some helpful tips in this manual. But if there’s something specific about how it works or what can be done differently then don’t hesitate! Our customer service team is always ready for questions at all hours on weekdays (except holidays) and until very recently weekends too.

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About this item

Powerful Dual Hub-motor

The Caroma 38″ Electric Skateboard is a fast and agile ride that will take you up to 25KM/H! The e-skateboard can also climb 20 degrees without difficulty. With its powerful motors, this electric board gives riders an enjoyable experience no matter where they go or what obstacles come their way.

Long-range Battery

The long-range battery on this electric board allows it to cover up to 16 miles before running out! With its great distance, it the perfect for short commutes and cruising campus. Quick errands? No problem just plug in when needed so you don’t forget about those little things that need doing around town.

Durable Deck

The longboard skateboard has a sturdy deck and wheels to support your weight up to 330 lbs. With 6 layers of maple, and 2 bamboo poles in addition to wider 90mm tires on it you can enjoy the smooth ride without any concerns about stability or slip!

Multifunctional Remote Control

With a 2.4G wireless remote control, this electric skateboard can be controlled from afar with ease! With functions like signal strength display and low power indicator- there’s no need for you to get on board till you are ready.

The intelligent design ensures that even if something happens mid-ride ( Like a flat tire ) all settings will stay saved so it doesn’t affect what direction they’re going in. The high-speed adjustment range goes Up To 15km/h while reverse capability allows users to start braking once the distance between them reaches 200 meters.

This is a perfect gift for those who love the outdoors and adventure!

Superior Customer Service

We know that when you buy a high-quality skateboard, it’s important to have confidence in your purchase. That is why we offer 6 months of warranty coverage for this E Cruiser Skateboard – starting from the day that it arrives at your doorstep!

Note: When you first get your electric skateboard, we recommend that you read the user manual before use.


  • Cool design with the latest technology
  • Easier to ride than a standard skateboard
  • Suitable for all kinds of roads
  • Fully assembled e-skateboard, suitable for children, teens, and adults


  • It works for a little bit of time only


The CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboards are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fast, agile, and durable ride. With its powerful motors and long-range battery, this electric skateboard is perfect for short commutes and cruising around town. The multifunctional remote control makes it easy to adjust your speed and braking while on the go. The intelligent design ensures that even if something happens mid-ride, all settings will stay saved so it doesn’t affect what direction you’re going in. The high-speed adjustment range and reverse capability make this electric skateboard a great choice for anyone looking for a safe and fun ride.


How many people can this skateboard support?

The CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboard can support up to 330 lbs.

How long does it take to charge the CAROMA 38″ Electric Skateboard?

It takes about 2-3 hours to charge the CAROMA 38″ electric skateboard.

What is the range of the Caroma e-skateboard?

The Caroma electric skateboard has a range of up to 16 miles.

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